Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Happening Saturday..

Last weekend I was at the International Gem Show in Marlboro, which happens to be around 90 miles(140 kms) from where I live. In case you are wondering what I was doing at a jewel show let me tell you that I was playing driver to a couple of friends(of the opposite sex no doubt) who put their foot down and insisted I take them there. One other guy was also forced (by marital ties) to tag along. I was told to be ready by 9 AM. I blanched. 9 AM on Saturday morning!! Crazy. However, the two prospective jewellery buyers argued that it would get too crowded later in the day and that the best deals and discounts would be in the morning. I was highly cynical (esp about the crowds), but resigned myself to my fate.

So we set off around 9 AM (Indian Standard Time of course) and got there in an hour and a half. There was a 7$ entrance fee and after finding out that we DID NOT get any gemstones free with the entrance ticket my friend and I contemplated catching a movie, leaving the girls to go in and make their own purchases. Almost instantly we decided against it for different reasons. My friend was obviously concerned about the money his wife might splurge. I was however more worried about the time the girls would spend in there. Now don’t mistake me. In my experience girls need someone to tell them.. "oh.. that's awesome".. “it suits you perfectly”.. "wow.. amazing" and stuff like that without which they would go insane with the mammoth decisions that would have to be made. And of course insane people wouldn’t be able to find their way out of a large hall. So it was out of concern for their well being that I shelled out 7 dollars and walked inside.

Almost immediately my jaw dropped open in surprise. There were more jewels in that hall than ALL the jewels given in dowry at ALL the marriages in India. And more importantly there were more people in there than there were during the fourth of July celebrations. In fact I guess it was the largest crowd I had ever seen since I entered the United States. Large crowds always make me feel good because there are hardly any people on the roads here. The crowd was basically full of older people. American teenagers clearly preferred iron, steel and rock to gemstones. In any case if I had wanted to ogle at girls I should’ve gone to the beach. So I moved around observing the vast multitude of people from almost every country in the world occasionally pausing to reassure my female companions that their selections were indeed worthy ones. Only once did the thought of buying something for my sister (yes you suspicious jerks, I said ‘sister’) come into my head and I turned over an especially attractive set of emerald earrings to look at the price tag. Only 506$ after discount. My sister would have to wait! Even bootlicking credit card companies couldn’t make me spend that kind of money on jewels right now.

In the midst of all this I had an urge to use the lone vending machine in the huge hall to buy a can of coke and then proceeded to spill the same all over the floor. I looked around carefully to see if anyone had noticed and then performed a disappearing act. You would be surprised to see how fast I can move sometimes.

Around 12:30 pm, we guys decided that it was time to begin pestering the girls to leave if were to have lunch at atleast 2 pm. Have you ever wondered how girls can get tired and hungry after a short trip from the living room to the bedroom but still walk for miles in malls without thinking of food and rest? Well I have and I’m still wondering. Anyways, after an hour of pitifully moaning about our extreme hunger the girls relented. I must concede though that the morning was not wholly unentertaining.

Lunch was at an Udupi restaurant and among other things, I had “Aloo bonda”. Now this may not be worth mentioning but please note that this was the first time I had ever partaken of the above said dish. Man, was it good. I’ve clearly missed out on some of the better aspects of life in India.

The final stop for the day was at a temple in Framingham. I planned to stay outside but after discovering that I was allowed to keep my socks on (footwear rules are clearly more flexible in the United States), I went in and took a look around. This temple was different from the ones I had seen previously. It wasn’t dedicated to a single God but housed the shrines of several of the most popular Hindu Gods- Shiva, Vishnu, Karthikeya, Lakshmi and Ganesha. There were a couple more but I do not recollect their names. I looked around curiously at the worship going on around me while my friends prayed. Once they were finished we headed home. Our trip back was uneventful barring one particular incident where I very enthusiastically missed the exit we were supposed to take. Not a big deal… just an extra 20 miles before the next one.. lol..

All in all a fun Saturday!

PS: Most of my pals here left for Niagara this weekend. Yours truly did not go. Yours truly is stuck with work...(sigh)..


Anonymous said...

The post was good.........and I could imagine how the girls whom u accompanied would get mad at u if they read this :-)......hope u don't get thrashed.....good luck Leon!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi anupama... this is divya here... leons frnd....i'd like u to notice that he also mentions that he liked he display... and moreover the guy actually picked one of them to chk for the price.. though he cribs about having to hang around there for a long time his mention about the above might save him from being thrashed... but i only wish he isnt spared!!!:)

Leon said...

err.. Are you telling me that u are mad at me, Anu?.. ;-)

And divs what have I ever done to you to deserve a thrashing? :p

Rainbow said...

"Girls only need someone to say "that suits you"..blah blah.."?!!
Divs, since you are nearest to him geographically, please bonk him in the head on behalf of all womankind.
Leon, you definitely need more gyan on the opposite sex than you think :p

Anonymous said...


Nimbus said...

Gross generalizations about women is a surefire way to get all the women in the world to comment on your blog. Kudos on a successful tactic ;)

Read to the end of your blog to realize you are in my part of the world! Does this mean that the fireworks you talk about are the Boston city fireworks? I think they were awesome but a lot noisier than usual this year and being one of those people (much like you) who loves the lights but not the noise, I cringed somewhat. But all in all, it was quite wonderful!

Cheers and thank you for stopping by on my blog. Hope to see you around again! :)

Leon said...

I'm shivering with fear Div.. lol

Thanks Megha for visiting and more thanks for reading to the very end. I am so in your part of the world. But the fireworks I'm talking about are not the Boston fireworks. Just our University town firworks. My pals here said I'd have to camp the night in order to watch the fireworks in Boston.

And of course you will see me around. You've got a great blog and like Prashanth said earlier, blogging is quite addicting.. :-)

I'll have to think of a tactic to get the guys to comment now.. ;-)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL, like my dad says to my mom and me when we walk into a store- "I am here. You women can go and get your stuff and come back to me for the card when you finish" And when we come back he usually says, "I've had an awesome nap" :-P

Leon said...

Thanks for dropping by Kroopa..

Your dad is clever. He hangs on to the card.. lol.

LovingAndLosing said...

I know it's a little late to comment on this post. But I just thought of giving your other posts a read. This one was thoroughly entertaining. And now that everyone is done commenting here, it's probably safe for me to say that I completely agree with you about the "girls need someone to tell them.. "oh.. that's awesome".. etc etc" comment of yours!!! ;)

Leon said...
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Leon said...

Thanks Ms.V.. for pushing the comments counter for this post into double digits... ;-). And more importantly I'm real glad you liked it. Finally... one girl who admits it.. I'm satisfied... :-).

At the cost of being immodest let me tell you that I think the "diwali" post is the best of the lot. You might want to check that out too... ;-).

Anonymous said...

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don't say gems just because i'm writing this here.... I wish I could just say... "it's just the thought that counts"... but now my thought says "I wanna get her something good" but can't think of any.

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