Monday, August 29, 2005

To blog or not to blog...

The last ten days have been so busy that I seriously doubt if I can do justice to my blogging!! And by the way, classes only began TODAY! [sigh]. Several things that kept me busy during the last couple of weeks include undergoing training that my position as Assistant Manager of Babcock Hall demands and meeting deadlines for my job at the InterOperability Laboratory (IOL).

Moving on to happier things. Durham, NH looks positively ALIVE. The bustle of activity that the beginning of the year brings, is a welcome change from the haunting quietness of the summer. The roads are packed and traffic has actually been brought to a halt in a few places. And the best part is I keep running into friends on the roads. :-).

A new year also means new students. Relatively few Indians arrived at UNH this year. But enough to substantially increase the size of our cricket teams. :p. Answering the 1034589 quesstions that the newcomers ask is another major reason for my slapdash blogging. But given the fact that I still hold the record for asking the most number of questions(last year), ie 24000008900080, I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

I did notice a trend in the questions the newcomers are asking this year. Instead of "What courses should I take?", "Which prof is easy on grades?", they ask "What laptop should I buy?", "Which cell phone plan should I opt for?", "When are the swing dancing classes?", "Will you teach me tennis?". God help them!!!

I guess this post is special in a way. It's my shortest post.. :D.


silverine said...

So how does it feel to be a senior ? :) And Asst. Manager wow!!! That's a big title.

And wow! to the new Indian students too. Looks like they know exactly what they want!!! :)

Leon said...

It feels good.. It feels good. :-).

The free room and board counts more than the title.. hehe. And it's a real fun job.

Yeah.. The newbies know their priorities in life. I envy them. lol

Parna said...

you envy them? dude they are probably trying to jump even before they learned to walk!

and congrats on the Assistant Manager :)

Niyantha said...

Congrats on the Assistant Manager job. What laptop do you suggest btw?

THE DEVIL said...

Hey.. congrats on Asst. Managership!! Looks like you are rocking out there. And ya... lets see if u can finally form a cricket team!!(reminds me of LAAGAN!!)

Vetty Max said...

Congrats on the Assistant Manager post.

As for the questions asked by the freshers this years, aren't cellphones, laptops and swing dances more important and infinitely more interesting than those boring classes?

LovingAndLosing said...

Me no like short posts. Comprendez?????