Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fun in the mountains..

I organized a social to the White Mountains this past weekend, for the students living in my dorm. For those who don't already know (most of you probably fall in that category), the White Mountains of New Hampshire are ancient mountains that were formed before the Himalayas, Alps or the Rockies. We were supposed to drive up Mt. Washington, where the fastest wind ever had been recorded (231 mph), but weather played spoilsport and we ended up going to a different spot - Frankonia Notch. I hadn't been there before and didn't know what to expect. I was in for a pleasant surprise though.

We were 16 in four cars. The drive up there was amusing especially since one of my friends took it upon her to overtake me and display signs when she passed me. Imagine my consternation when she passes with one of the others in her car holding a piece of paper to the window that read "Loser Leon". Of course I retaliated by overtaking her with the sign "Eat my dust" put up on a window. The rest of the journey went by with both of us writing silly notes. Pretty kiddish I know.. But what the heck.. we all need to chill once in a while... ;-).

When we arrrived at our destination, a 'free' presentation on the mountains was just beginning. Like all 'free' stuff, it was substandard and the only phrase that remains in my head is "FOUR HUNDRED MILLION YEARS AGO". They must have repeated that phrase at least four hundred million times in that presentation.. damn I just can't get it out of my head.

Then the actual fun began. We went on a two mile hike called the "Flume Gorge". It was an amazing hike through the mountains. We passed mountain rivers and waterfalls all in the middle of a scintillating display of trees colored every shade from green to orange to red. (The much talked about "fall colors" that people from all over the world come to check out). Pics follow..

Btw, I forgot to mention that it was pouring cats and dogs all through the hike.. lol.

Winter is fast approaching. This is probably the last trip for this year.. :-(. There's a good side though.. With the lack of opportunity to roam around, I will probably settle down and get some work done.. :D


LovingAndLosing said...

Beautiful pics. Next time you're driving in a big group and want an adult pastime, consider mooning ;)

Jay said...

A hike amongst such scenic wonder!!! Awesome!

Harish Suryanarayana said...

GOD Nirmal ... fantastic pics ... Looks like art !!! Enjoy :) :) :)

silverine said...

Wowwwwwwww the place looks heavenly!!!

Leon said...

[Vids] I didn't know in what sense you were using the word 'mooning'.. so I looked up the word in and here's what I found

v. moon·ing
v. intr.

1. To wander about or pass time languidly and aimlessly.
2. To yearn or pine as if infatuated.
3. Slang. To expose one's buttocks in public as a prank or disrespectful gesture.

Knowing you, I can guess which 'mooning' you meant.. Now why would I want to do THAT. Bad girl.. You're trying to corrupt lil innocent me.. :D

Btw, the fact that I didn't know that particular meaning of mooning is a big blow to my ego... :-(

Leon said...

[jay] Thanks.. :-)

[Harish] Thanks dude.. How come your blogging is so intermittent?

[Silverine] Glad you liked the place.. err.. what about me?.. :p

LovingAndLosing said...

Well what do you know! You learn something new everyday.

And since you think I'm a bad girl anyway, you might want to consider the fact that if she showed you a paper note/sign and you followed suit, what makes you think she might not do the same when you moon her? ;)

Btw... guys can't be corrupted. They're born that way :p

Anonymous said...

tat looks sooo beautiful.... when r u gonna take me there??

Leon said...

[Vids] Hmm.. it would be nice if she mooned me.. but not at the cost of me mooning her first.. ;-)

And I suppose girls are saints?

[Divs] It's upto you. Whenever you feel like flying down to Boston.. I'll take you- rain or snow!!

silverine said...

@Leon: You look like a desi james bond :))

Leon said...

I don't know if I should feel flattered or insulted.. ;-)

Camphor said...

Awesome pictures.. Glad I blog-hopped here. Maybe there is something about the 'fall colours' after all...

GB said...

Oh, I love them mountains!!! I went on a trek to the Himalayas last summer...though I thought I'd die everyday, I rather enjoyed it!!