Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tagged again!

*Personal Post Disclaimer*

There are some people in this world who just beg for punishment. Silverine is one of them. After reading my ramblings on "Books" I can't figure for the life of me, how she dared to tag me for a second time. This is a 'Seven thing' tag.. Read ahead and you will know what I mean..

Seven things you plan to do before you die
Assumption: I live to be atleast 60.

1. see the world
2. get married and have 5 kids (wife permitting.. lol)
3. write a book
4. Be the CEO of a company
5. own a BMW AND a Mercedes
6. drive 10 000 000 miles (lol)
7. fly an aeroplane (and buy one.. ;-))

Seven things you can do!!

1. Read like I used to
2. Play Badminton, squash, tennis, chess
3. Stay at home in the weekends and blog!!
4. Spend more time keeping in touch with friends back home
5. Play "Age of Empires"
6. Enjoy both solitude and community
7. Watch 'Friends'.

Seven things you can't do!!!

1. Cook
2. swim.. :-(
3. Say No to people.. (I really have to learn to do this fast)
4. sit simply in one place
5. talk to people who say things they don't mean
6. be away from my computer for more than a day
7. sit on the floor with my legs crossed

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

1. Intelligent/frank conversation
2. humor
3. How much the person in question likes me
4. looks
5. calmness and poise
6. Walk
7. Good dressing sense

Seven things you say most!!!

1. Hi
2. Damn
3. Are you kidding me?
4. Sure
5. Poda/podi
6. cool/chill
7. see you later

Seven celebrity crushes!

Believe me when I say celebrity crushes are not my thing. I have crushes on real people. And when I don't have a crush on anyone, I just conjure up some imaginary character that I fancy, to dream about. So I'll just mention those that I think are attractive...

1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Meg Ryan
3. Catherine Zeta Jones
4. Kajol
5. Renée Zellweger
6. Rachel Weisz
7. Trisha

It took quite a bit of thinking to come up with answers to some of these questions. But I know a little more about myself now. I guess I should take the time to introspect more often. :-)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking up the tag. This tag made me introspect for a long time after I had posted it. Also reminded me that I have miles to go before I sleep :)

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Leon: Wandered into your blog from "Catch-22". Good to know that I have a fellow-sufferer in unable-to-sit-cross-legged-itis. I used to go for karate classes for a very short while where we had to sit cross-legged for some stretching etc. One day when I was trying my best to sit somewhat cross-legged and not to topple over in the meantime, the instructor decided to stand on my knees to make them go flat on the ground :-( The karate world lost a future black-belt on that day.


Leon said...

[Anon] Thanks but No thanks. My dorm room is fully furnished.. Will refer you to my wife when I get married and hopefully your site will help her do a good job of decorating my house.. lol.

[Silverine] Thanks for doing it so late?? I really should have made time for it earlier. It's just that I'm not very good at doing too many things at the same time and far too many things are happening here. I visited my own blog after two weeks when I saw your comment in my gmail.. lol

[Mahout] Hey.. thanks for visiting.. That's exactly why I didn't take up karate and yoga but stuck to 'manly' games like badminton, squash and tennis.. ;p

Anonymous said...

For me...

Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. travel the world
2. own a high end car - ferrari/lotus
3. design my own mansion
4. help other people (charity)
5. develop USD10,000 a month in passive income
6. win an international bowling tournament
7. buy lots of gadgets


Anonymous said...

Sorry for messing up your blog page

Anonymous said...

I don't know how this commenting thing works (i'm a real newbie)... I'm ending up typing the same stuff twice

Sorry man.. gotta be frank... i've seen somthing similar in some fwd ... That just proves it.. the human mind is part of a conformal matrix which ...... (complete it yourself. I got confused)

7 things I can't do even after I'm dead.

1. Maintain a good blog page
2. Maintain a good blog page
3. Maintain a good blog page
4. Maintain a good blog page
5. Maintain a good blog page
6. Maintain a good blog page
7. Maintain a good blog page

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