Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It's Diwali today and having said all I had to say on the subject in a previous post I have nothing to say.. :-(

So I'm redirecting you to Out of thin "smoke"

I know.. I know.. I should have waited until Diwali to post that. Don't rub it in.

I can safely say "Happy Diwali" (Happy Deepavali to some) now! And yes.. I missed being blasted out of bed for a second consecutive year.. (sigh)


Camphor said...

Happy Diwali to you!
Yes, I'm a little late, but that's ok, right?

The first question that popped into my head when I saw your blog's title was, "to whom? or what?" Which is why it's w/r/t in my blogroll. :D

Let me know if you have a problem with that. :)

Leon said...


And no.. I don't have a problem with that..

In fact, it's high time I said something about the title of my blog. So, I will. :-)

Leon said...

As regards your other comment.. I'm replying here so you don't have to go back to my archives.. :-)

So for once jaya actually did SOMETHING.. good to hear that.. And note that I said I missed being blasted out of bed..

I bet your ears are still ringing.. hehe. Personally, I can live with the ayiram vedis.. (btw, I do know what that means.. so there) It's only the extremely high sounding atom/hydrogen bombs and the like that I cannot stand..

NO I am NOT an ABCD.. though my friends call me an IBCD for reasons best left unsaid.. ;-)..

I was actually talking about the Iyengar girls in chennai.. but if you say most of you are abroad.. I guess in my best interest I should look out for them and keep away.. atleast until I finish my masters.. ;-)

Camphor said...

I did mention what the ayiram vedis were, right? With a "just in case you didn't know" attached? *goes to the archive to confirm and hence defeats leon's consideration in replying here* Hydrogen and atom bombs are once in a while. Constant noise, I can't stand. I took to listening to Iron Maiden after the longest of times just to drown out that noise. One second thought, it seemed to go, actually. :P

Perfectly obvious to me why people call you a IBCD. :D Although, you lived in Chennai and still spoke Tamil only to your mom?

*ignores bit about ignoring Iyengaar girls* There are so many, that every tiem you turn around you'd see one of them. Humph!

Leon said...

One of the guys on my blogroll 'Karthik' nearly drove me nuts by trying to make me listen to Iron Maiden.. I HATE heavy metal..

Btw, I only lived in chennai while I was doing my engineering. Spent the first 12 years of my life in Bangalore and the next 7 in Hyderabad. Err.. maybe this is the right time to let you know that I don't speak a word of Kannada or Telugu.. :D

BUT, my tamil is pretty good.. My pals in engg college made sure of that.. purinjucha?

Camphor said...

I went through a phase where I made myself suffer through heavy metal to figure out why on earth people listen to it. This was right after the pahse where I hates the beats of rock/metal/heavy metal.

Now I can take three songs of Iron Maiden, and I still really like rock, and like metallica. (and for those people who think metallica is bham-bham-bham - listen to "Tuesday's gone")

You seem to have gone around the south quite a bit. And since you were in Hyderabad and Bangalore - you wouldn't know Hindi by any chance, now would you?

Oh, and since I seem to be spamming up your inbox, we can shift to email if you want. :) nineran [at] yahoo [dot] com

Leon said...

Hmm.. Metallica is bearable.. Atleast they've got variety..

Yes.. I know Hindi.. don't speak too well, but can understand pretty much everything. Comes from the numerous hindi movies I've seen.. :D.

Thanks for your concern, but I kinda like being spammed in this manner.. ;-).. However, given that it is difficult to carry out four different conversations simultaneously, email might be a better option.. Anyways I've emailed you about err.. you know what.. Let's take it from there.. :-)

Camphor said...

You know, there is a kick from being decently spammed. Not those dumb ads but having comments... it feels good. :) And as long I remember which posts I have been having a conversation on, I don't mind spamming your blog either, so it works out ok.

Hindi movies, I understand... but please don't tell me your music taste runs to hindi songs!

Leon said...

Yeah.. remembering the posts on which we are having a conversation is sorta difficult.. hehe.

I like some songs in every language. And in this regard I think Hindi has it's own share of good music. Just as English and Tamil do.

I take it that you're not a big fan of hindi music.. ?