Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why did I come to the United States?

In all honesty, the answer to that question must be..


All I know is: ever since I was a small kid, I had wanted to come here. I consider myself logical in most respects, but in this case I must admit that logic has very little to do with it.

I did not come here to obtain a first class education in my field of study. I did not come here with the intention of expanding my knowledge by putting to good use the technology at hand. I did not come here because of a lack of work/study opportunities back home. I did not come here because there were no institutions of higher learning back home in India that were worthy of me. I did not come here because of the much acclaimed work environment.

I came here because, I was naive enough to fool myself into believing that it would be a whole new world. Oh.. it's a whole new world alright. Only, I do the same things here that I did back home.. lol.

- I still study at the last minute.

- I still spend hours before the computer. (outside of classes/work)

- I still drive anytime I get a chance.

- I still accept any invitation to play games, irrespective of my workload.

- I still to listen to Hindi/Tamil music and watch Hindi/Tamil movies.

- I still dress like I used to. (No cargos and the like)

- I still have more Indian friends than American ones.

And most importantly,


I guess I always will.... :-).


the Monk said...

nice post,man...

Camphor said...

:D One question answered.

The need to explore new horizons.. and the US of A was a horizon to be explored? And was that short list supposed to substitute for the '20 random things about me tag'?

Niyantha said...

Guess, some things will never change... enjoyed this post a lot

Leon said...

[The Monk] Thanks man..

[Camphor] You could say that.. Now I'm looking for 'newer' horizons to explore.. :p.

Note that this was posted at 11:25 pm while Neeta's suggestion that I take up the tag came around 1 am.
You're right though. Now, I have to think of 20 'other' things.. If only I'd waited a bit more.. :D

[Neon] They won't.. The first 18 years of our life pretty much determine the way we think.. I think.. ;-).. Thanks.. :-)

Camphor said...

I thought that was the first seven years, not 18?
Oh well. So next is her tag?

Leon said...

Hmm.. there are things we DON'T think about when we are seven. By 18 we've probably formed opinions on just about everything...

I don't know.. But I'll do that soon.. :-)

Camphor said...

Really? Like what? (Things we don't think about at seven).

Don't bother answering that. :)

LovingAndLosing said...

I agree. I don't know why I came to this part of the world either. But oh have I changed!

Leon said...

[Camphor] I won't.. :D

[Vids] You have? Maybe I'm just resistant to change then.. I remember crying when my parents told me we were going to shift our house in fifth standard.. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Good Boy!! u understand... dnt u??... and btw... a nice post here... I always thought and still think that change is something I just cannot accept... mayb i dont want to... but life is all abt compromises... isnt it??

silverine said...

Viva la India!!! Great post!!! Guess it's true that you can take a guy out of India, but you cannot India out of him :))

Unknown said...

Nice post.
Dont u feel u have more fun here?

Parna said...

that more or less sums all of us out here :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Good post, Leon. I agree with Parna! :)

Leon said...

[Div]Yes.. me is a good boy.. From what I know of you, you're probably right in saying that you are more resistant to change than me..

[Silverine] Thanks.. :-). I think from what Parna and Sayesha feel, the same can be said for gals too.. :p

[Vibha] Thanks.. FUN is relative. India offers fun in her own ways.. In fact I might even have less fun here, remembering the numerous ways I had fun in India..

[Parna] Thanks... We should probably return home ultimately.. ;-)

[Sayesha] Thanks.. :-)

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Hey Nirmal ! My exams are done . Ready for a good ol round of chess ? Tell me when you'll be online .
Just so that this comment should hold a remote connection to your blog entry , It is believed as known to many that chess originated in India .

Leon said...

GREATT!! Now MY exams have started.. So you'll just have to wait for a bit.. :p

Anonymous said...

Leon.. ur ths post just echoes my sentiments. Me too went to US thinking tht it will b a whole new world. Well I can't scatch tht picture in mind as wat i wanted to have in new world.. but it was to be a new world. But once thr I realized it all going to be same. nuthing changed other than u have to wipe urself rather than wash...:-D
and i came to homeland on first available oppportunity..May ur post be an eye opener to many who kept on n on dreaming of US as new world..


Anonymous said...

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