Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Big Apple

I just love it up the Empire State Building. Makes me feel like I rule the world. (Though I played no direct part in it's construction.. err.. no indirect part either I think, but wouldn't be able to tell for sure.. :D) Getting up there is very easy. Just follow the simple steps outlined below...

  1. Stand in a queue to enter the building. This queue is the fastest moving. Thankfully so, because you might just add to the architectural beauty of New York by freezing into ice-men/ice-women if the wait were even a wee bit longer.

  2. Stand in a queue to clear security. Remember to hold your pants up while removing your belt. Also, note that you will be asked to turn on your laptop to confirm that it is not a bomb. This step kind of puzzles me. What if turning it on sets off the bomb or better still triggers a timing mechanism? DO NOT turn it on if it IS a bomb. Or atleast make sure I'm not in the vicinity before doing so.

  3. Stand in a queue for purchasing the ticket. Shell out 14 dollars.

  4. Stand in a queue for the elevator to the 80th floor. This queue moves at an agonizingly slow pace which is surprising given the fact that everyone in the huge building is packed into the elevator at one go. Atleast, that is the impression I got when I had to stand with my face pressed into the back of this enormous man and my hands and legs stretched out at unnatural angles. To it's credit the elevator was fast else I might have died of suffocation.

  5. Stand in a queue to have your picture taken in front of a picture of the Empire State Building. I wonder if they realise this could be done anywhere.. in India, on a ship or on the moon dammit.

  6. Stand in a queue for an elevator from the 80th to the 86th floor. Get crushed again.

  7. This is it! Step out for a view from 1050 feet above ground level!
Yes, it was worth it but only just. Something has to be done about all that waiting time.

New York during the Day.

New York during twilight.

New York in the night. (Taken on an earlier trip.. I'm really proud of this pic)

This is the pic I was talking about.. in front of the picture of Empire State.. lol.

Times Square!

A trip to New York never fails to bring back memories of good old India. The same old dirty streets of Chennai, the same bumper-to-bumper traffic of Bangalore and more people than you would find around Charminar in Hyderabad. Random incidents:
  • I walk upto a guy and ask him directions to a certain parking garage. He looks at me scornfully and turns away to attend to something else leaving me wondering if I'd said something wrong.

  • A guy bangs into my friend and then glares at him as if it were all his fault! Contrast this with an incident near my university where I was looking over my shoulder and collided with this girl so hard that she fell down. Even as I helped her up, SHE was apologising profusely though it was clearly MY fault!!!

  • We had a rushed dinner in a Punjabi Dhaba that reminded me of the numerous 'fast food' centers in Chennai. And err.. the restroom was messier than the ones that could be found in the bus stand and railway stations back home.
It's amazing how bad incidents can make you nostalgic. (sigh)

This last picture is for Silverine, the girl whose dreams I'm haunting in my nice new crew cut.. hehe. Please note that if you look carefully enough, you should be able to see my scalp. That's short enough don't you think?... :p


Unknown said...

Me first.
I admire ur patience...standing in the queue for 6 times. The pic taken during the night looks really attractive.
wow i missed it...(sob)

silverine said...

That was a damned funny account of the eleveator trip, seems more eventful than the sightseeing trip :))
At first glance I thought the New York pics were taken from an aircraft, then read your post and I realised that you must have been really high enough to get such a breathtaking view of the city. Lovely pictures.
And hey! Thanks for rescuing me from nightmares;) lol

Camphor said...

Lovely pics.

//It's amazing how bad incidents can make you nostalgic. (sigh)

lol, it is isn't it? According to this, NY should be a haven for indians, we'd fit right in...

Leon said...

[Vibha] Thanks.. and don't worry too much about missing it.. I'm sure you'll visit New York several times before you graduate.

[Silverine] Thanks.. We were REALLY high.. You're welcome.. I'm glad the dreams are getting pleasanter.. :p

[Camphor] Thanks.. New York is a haven for Indians alright. There are sooooooo many of them there.

THE DEVIL said...

Lovely pics.. Loved the NY by night!! Lines are always a big headache but a little thought and you would know what would know if there were NO lines. I guess we will all go back to charles DARWIN.. "survival of the fittest"

Harish Suryanarayana said...

The Lines are big Eh ! How many hours were you standing there for ? I stood in a queue for 2 hours here to book a friggin railway ticket .

Hey the photo of NY at night was truly fundoo . Mebbe I'd get a chance to actually see and feel that someday.

And what you look like some uncle sittin in that car !!! Is that what you have become ? :P

Leon said...

// You know what would happen if we had no lines.

You're right there but perhaps some sort of a reservation scheme could be implemented for those who plan well in advance?

[Harish] We stood there for approximately two hours too..

Obviously you didn't plan well enough.. Go early in the morning dude.. Or go to the Chennai Airport counter.. It's almost always free there..

//And what you look like some uncle sittin in that car !!! Is that what you have become?

Looks like some guy is looking to pick up a fight here.. Didn't you know that I'm a disciple of non violence.. :p

x said...

these pictures are amazing Leon and thanks for stopping by my blog.
yours is great.

x said...

these pictures are amazing Leon and thanks for stopping by my blog.
yours is great.

Leon said...

Thanks.. :-)

Jaya said...

Hey.. Just checked ur blog..Fun post, made for a really entertaining read,-like your writing style.. Lol at the pic of the pic of the Empire State Building!Great pics of NY:)

still catching up on more of your posts..
ta for now..will drop by with comments soon:)

Jinguchakka said...

Came to NY for ThxGiving. Skipped EmpireState though. 'cos, I've been to Sears Tower and I knew what the view from the top would be like. lol. as you've described.

Leon said...

[Jaya] gee.. thanks a bunch for all those kind words... :-)

[Jinguchakka] Cool.. but nothing would stop me from going up Sears too when I visit Chicago.. :p

Anonymous said...

hey nice pics da nirmal.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I moved to the east coast 2 1/2 years ago, and the one thing I like is the proximity to NY. I love that place! I actually could live in Brooklyn; it reminds me of growing up in Chicago.

Your blog is very interesting. I love your Titanic article, but I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say. I will come back and reconsider!

Leon said...

[Anuranjani] Thanks di..

[Enemy from the Republic] Thanks..

Incognito said...

Liked - newyork @ night. looks breathtaking, even with civilization running haphazard. or is it because of that?

Leon said...

Thanks.. :-)

New York is New York only because of its huge thoroughfare. Walking on Times Square in the night can be an impossible task at times..

Pujya said...

wow..cool pics.
right now i m reading the book called inscrutable americans...and thing u told about america..hmm i guess americans are funny ..aint they??

Leon said...

The Inscrutable Americans is ONE funny book.. lol..

No, not any funnier than us Indians.. :p

Ganja Turtle said...

@ Leon - If ur a conossieur of Tamil movies, you might have seen this eminently forgettable movie called Jai Hind where this Senthil guy has a funny looking haircut...now why did I mention that? ;-)

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