Saturday, December 03, 2005

Vingt faits aléatoires sur moi

NO! There are no prizes for guessing what that means..

I was flattered into doing this tag when Neeta said "It'll be fun to know stuff about ya". (I know.. Flattering me is easier than tying your shoelaces.. there's one fact for you.. ;-)). She was right about it not being a tough task. Having lived for over twenty years now, it wasn't all that difficult to come up with a measly twenty facts. Of course, the facts would be more random if I jotted down my observations over a long period of time. However, I have tried to avoid stating obvious facts about myself like "I love driving", "Yes Minister is my favorite book" or "I love travelling". Here goes..

1. I like to think most people are good at heart by the simple logic that if there were more bad people in this world than good people, the world would have been destroyed long long ago..

2. I think anti-viruses are a pain in the.. err... I just format my system once in a while..

3. I will eat fruits only if there is someone around to peel the skin off for me and cut them into little pieces that will comfortably fit in my mouth. Bananas and seedless grapes are the only exception. Mom, I miss you.. sob..

4. Trust is important for me. I cannot emphasize just how much.. I hate it when people ask me for something and then keep pestering me about it. They should trust me to get things done. I also dislike it when people mistake my intentions. Either TRUST me or just stop talking to me.

5. The hair on my head is denser than the Amazon Rain forest. My hair has another peculiar quality. It represents the perpendiculars to all possible tangents that can be drawn to the surface of my head. (For the non-mathematically inclined- My hair POKES). Hence the nick name 'Porcupine'. You definitely do NOT want to run your hand through my hair. Several people have had to pay for their affection by going around with bandaged palms for a whole month.

6. No one has beaten me yet in scrabble.. :p

7. I like being alone sometimes and don't understand why people find this more difficult to understand than even the most complicated physics theorems.

8. If I talk pleasantly to you all the time you're probably mistaken in assuming that I'm a great friend of yours. If on the other hand I argue a lot with you and keep making suggestions for your betterment then I probably care for you a lot more than I could ever put into words.

9. I have never had a crush on a celebrity. Only on real people I happen to meet. Or atleast talk to.. ;-).

10. I need two pillows to sleep. One for my head and one to hug. (Though one will probably suffice after I get married... ;-)).

11. I mess up my desk pretty often but I can't bring myself to make a mess of my bed.

12. I tend to get attached a tad too easily.

13. I speak at a speed comparable to the good old Concorde of the yesteryears.. I have to make it a point to slow down when compering so people can actually catch atleast 50% of what I'm saying.

14. I can be a bundle of contradictions sometimes. For instance, I want a wife who would make me coffee every morning, pack a nice lunch for me and return home before I do in the evening to welcome me. Yeah.. Who doesn't? The problem is I also want someone who can kid me around, fight with me and take sarcastic digs at me. There's your contradiction for you.. :D

15. I find it very hard to say NO.

16. I love having a lot of credit cards in my wallet, though I don't have the heart to use them very often. I've got some beautiful designs. One of my university, one of a lightning strike and a transparent one.

17. I dislike most computer games. Real time strategy games are an exception though. I once played Age of Empires for over 20 hours at a stretch! But those days are gone.. sigh.

18. The last time I watched television for more than a few hours at a stretch was during the first innings of the World cup 2003 finals. TV has been a strict no-no since then.

19. I have spent more time collecting/downloading songs than actually listening to them.

20. I normally like to plan well in advance but find some on-the-spur-of-the-moment decisions adventurous. We discussed going to New York over a late dinner today and we're leaving in 4 hours from now! I better catch some shut eye now...

But before that.. I've got some unfinished business to attend to.. (laughs devilishly). I regret not tagging anyone the last two times. This is where I get back at my previous taggers.

I hereby declare..




Camphor said...

How could you do this to me? while I was only making life easier for you too!

Have fun in NY.

I'll do it, I think I am quite vetti..

And buddy, you wish you'd haunt my dreams. :P

Leon said...

(suspiciously) How were you making life easier for me?

Thank you... :-).

Are you saying you wouldn't have done it if you were not vetti? :p

//And buddy, you wish you'd haunt my dreams. :P
Lol.. Even if you're right I'd wish I appeared in your dreams, not haunt them.

Camphor said...

Well, you had to 'do' a tag anyway. Neetu suggested the 20 point one, I was providing alternatives. Wouldn't you call that making life easier? Choices and all that?

I'd do it anyway, I think. See, I also love talking about myself.

Since you've been unfailingly pleasant to me, I don't know if I should be telling you that... :P ...about the dream, I mean. You might misunderstand what I understand about your intentions.

Leon said...

Err.. you mean..

you wish, I wished I haunted your dreams?.. :p

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Hello Nirmal . Never been tagged before .. Cool that you are the first . My hols are up so you can expect thadaal blogging from yours truly . I see that we are pretty similar , not that i did not know that already :) .
Nobody beat you at Scrabble ? Who are you playing with ? Tutu tribe descendants :P ? TC

PS : thadaal == lots of {IITian lingo}

Sayesha said...

//(Though one will probably suffice after I get married... ;-)).


//I hereby declare.. Sayesha as tagged by moi!

Sayesha stops laughing

Huh??? What did I do man??? :O

silverine said...

I hereby declare..that you may haunt me in my dreams, but cut your hair please or it will be a nightmare lol

Polygamy is a crime in the US too I think so stop dreaming of a couple of wives ;) Or will one Schizophrenic wife do? he he

Great tag, but then if I attempt it then you will not come in my dreams naah? :))

Camphor said...

Are you deliberately misunderstanding me? *suspicious look* :P

Don't you know (I think you do) that haunt isn't a very nice thing to do?

Leon said...

[Harish] So I can expect you to be the first one? :p
As regards scrabble.. well let's just say that one certain bigmouth is going to be forced to eat his words.

[Sayesha]That's the point. You haven't done anything at all. So I'm giving you a chance to do something FOR me.. :D

[Silverine] Do you seriously think, it is an IMPOSSIBLE task? (sigh) you may be right but a guy can dream can't he?

//but then if I attempt it then you will not come in my dreams naah? :))
Not necessarily. Check your logical premises and conclusions I only said I was going to haunt you if you DID NOT do the tag. I never said I wouldn't appear in your dreams if you DID do the tag. In fact, I'm so flatterered that you'd *ahem rather have me in your dreams than do the tag that I promise to come in your dreams every single day.. (Don't look so shocked.. I had my haircut this past wednesday.. so the dreams should be quite pleasant.. :p)

[Camphor] Oh.. so I misunderstood you? So you now mean..

I wish, you wished, I wished I haunted your dreams? :p

Yeah.. I know that. But a guy can't be nice ALL the time. I'd be a saint if I did.. :D

Camphor said...

Leon, finally, you get it right! :P

Good that you aren't a saint... :D What'd I do talking to a saint, anyway? Count karma?

Anonymous said...

idellam yenakku already theriyume :-p


Leon said...

[Camphor] I get it right?.. Uh.. Oh.. Since you can't read my mind and know what I wish, that translates to..

You wish, I wished, you wished, I wished I'd haunt your dreams.. :p

[Anuranjani] hehe.. enna panradhu? unmaya thana eludha mudiyum?.. :p

Unknown said...

dabha dabha dabha

Unknown said...

never been tagged before. well let me also write some dabha dabha stuff. villians always haunt in dreams so never mind.

Harish Suryanarayana said...

Hey bugger do not blame me if they think that I am Einstein !!!! btw .. if you are online now do buzz me :)

LovingAndLosing said...

I like to think most people are good at heart by the simple logic that if there were more bad people in this world than good people, the world would have been destroyed long long ago..

I like to think that the bad people are fighting amongst themselves trying to decide who gets the honour of destroying the world.

No one has beaten me yet in scrabble.. :p

Seriously, what kind of people do you play with? A couple of months ago, if you'd had the letters M,O,O,N,I,N and G staring at you in the face, you wouldn't have gotten those 50 points for using all 7 letters, because someone didn't know a word like that existed :P Play me, and let's see who wins! In fact, watch yourself lose :P

Leon said...

[Vibha] That's the spirit.. yap all you want.. :D

[Harish] That was a pretty short chat.. Catch you soon.. :-)

Anonymous said...

eludhadha ezhudhu...ur tamil tutions wld commence soon ..LOL

silverine said...

@leon: Thank God for the hair cut!!!!

Leon said...

[Vids] Oops.. I missed your comment since you posted at right around the same time. Seems like a lot of people have a problem with my unbeaten record in scrabble.. I should organize a tourney on this blog and prove my worth! Let me remind you that 'mooning' is one of several hundred thousand words in the English language. Watch yourself lose indeed.. I'm going to watch you eat those words instead.. :p

[Anuranjani] eludhadha thaan di ezhudhuren.. onnakku theriyum na enna panradhu? :p .. Really? Are you coming here to teach me Tamil? I'll be waiting... :p

[Silverine] So you had pleasant dreams for the last two nights.. :D.. Err.. Mind telling me what I appeared as in your dreams? A knight in shining armor or a prince maybe? :D

N said...

Hey Leon, thanks for doing the tag. Am flattered that you were flattered :D

5 is scary, 6 just says unflattering stuff about ppl you play against, 7 stumps me too, 8 is making me wonder, 14 isn't a contradiction at all.

Envy you for 20, I love spur-of-the-moment plans. They usually turn out to be really good fun. I am back from the break which means no traveling for a while now.

Leon said...

Hey Neeta,

Looks like everyone interpreted 6 that way.. so I don't blame you..

Yeah.. spur of the moment plans are great sometimes. Sad that you won't be travelling much but I saw pics of your campus on some blog. It was beautiful. Picnics around the area during weekends would be fun don't you think?

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