Monday, November 13, 2006

Moving on..

I've graduated.. So.. Now what?

So now, I work for EMC Corporation. (For the uninitiated, EMC, a Massachussets based company, is the world leader in Information Infrastructure)

It has been close to three months now.. I have been settling down nicely at work (or so I think) and I hope to blog once in a while about random topics.

Now, I might talk about the storage industry, or the weather, or space, or sports, or movies, or music, or philosophy, or "how-dumb-is-that?", or "Wow-check-that-out" or "That-is-sooo-cool"... basically anything under the sun. However, please note that all opinions/'facts'/suggestions/criticism are mine and do NOT reflect the views of EMC in any way/form.

This disclaimer is probably totally unnecessary, for it would take a person with an incredibly low IQ to think that I, a lowly software engineer might represent the views of a mighty 11 billion dollar company. But I do not wish to be sued or fired. (Btw, for the record, it would take someone with a considerably lower IQ than an 'incredibly low IQ' to sue ME..)

So how have the first few days of professional life been?

In one word.. GREAT!!! In a bigger word.. WONDERFUL!!!

Some random facts about my first three months here..

- All new hires at EMC have a mentor assigned to them, to help them familiarize themselves with the environment and to basically help them settle down. "What question is this damned guy going to ask me now?" is probably the first thought that comes into my mentor's head when he sights me for the first time on any given day. :D.. (Of course I'm only kidding.. If I dared to make the statement 'I have been settling down nicely at work'.. it's only because he was around to help.. But I do ask more questions than a normal guy would.. (sheepish))

- If you count the number of cups of coffee I've had.. well.. let's just say you'd still be counting. If you're still wondering... Of course, it's free.. We have five varieties, but I only like one.

- Coming to furniture, I have a huge desk, a large white board and two chairs with one of them being comfy enough to curl up and have an afternoon nap.

- Getting yourself to work between 8 and 10 am can be a difficult task especially if you're the kind who asks only one question during a discussion at school about what class to take... i.e. Does it meet in the afternoons? This is probably the only area in which school scores over work.

- Where does work score over school? Well for starters.. there's the money.. secondly.. there's the money again.. thirdly.. there's the money factor once more.. ;-)

Signing off.. Please remember..

In this blog it's just going be ME talking off the top of my hat.. No EMC.